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Welcome to Salford. Message from Jim Taylor, new City Director at Salford City Council.

Jim TaylorVibrant, resilient, challenging - Salford is all this and more. You could join me in working for one of the most dynamic cities in the UK.

Salford has always been willing to change and innovate - and has seen the benefits which result. That's why I wanted be part of the new Salford success story as the city's first ever City Director, working with an elected City Mayor.

Salford already has the fastest growth in private sector employment in Greater
Manchester and more and more people are choosing to make Salford their home. The city has one of the fastest growing young populations in the country.

Over 33,000 children and young people attend state schools in the city. Since
2008, we've had to create the equivalent of 13 new primary schools to accommodate increasing demand for places.

All around Salford, you can see change and regeneration. The old Salford docks have now been transformed into MediaCityUK, home to both the BBC and Granada television. The skyline has exploded with high tech offices and hundreds of new businesses with many more still to come.

Further along the Manchester Ship Canal, in a public-private partnership, £134 million is being invested in developing Port Salford as a high tech hub to move goods by sea, road and rail, with the potential to create 3,000 jobs.

In central Salford, over £600 million investment will create new offices, shops and homes - alongside the ‘Creating a New Pendleton' public/private project which will offer over 3,500 new training opportunities and jobs, along with modernising and building over 2,800 homes, new parks and public spaces.

Salford, like all inner city local authorities, has its challenges. Not everyone has been able to take advantage of economic growth. Many families face deprivation and long-standing health and social problems.

Salford is going through austere economic times which are having a real impact on its people.

But the Spirit of Salford won't be beaten by this. We will work with partners to find new and innovative ways to create the future and quality of life that we want for our people.

It won't be easy, so we are looking for the best. A dynamic and strategic leader and an exceptional change manager in an £800 million a year organisation that's often in the headlines, with a strong record of achievement in working with partners. You will be transformational and visionary with a proven track record of expertise across public health - we need you to be integral in driving forward improvements in the health and wellbeing of our residents.

If you can rise to that challenge, join me in writing the next chapter of the Salford success story.

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